Iiris-Lilja Kuosmanen

With Me, 2011

Cocoon, 2011

Carioca #3, 2011

Mirror, 2011


                                                      Cover, Solo Show, Gallery Harmonia, January 2012


                                                   Gate 11International Departures 2011, in Modena, Italy. 18.6.2011-17.7.2011.

I search the ways we form our own identities. What are the different things that change it. I try to make this change visible. Where do we find the image that pleases us and how this image affects us. I concentrate on relationships between people. How a person influences other one, how someone becomes part of someone else, or how you can then let go of that relationship. I illustrate the similarity of people. What kind of relationship people in the photos have is not the most important thing in the picture, but the way that relationship affects to the people. We look for a place where we find ourselves. A place that we feel parallel with. I photograph the change that we seek, protection we look for. I photograph someone alone, drown that person in the scenery.